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Published: 2016-04-13

Sporophytes newly found for Taiwanobryum guangdongense (Neckeraceae, Bryophyta) from Taiwan

Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo/ Phylogenetic Division, Institute of Natural and Environmental Science, Hyogo Prefectural University, Yayoigaoka-6, Sanda, Hyogo 669-1546, Japan
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Botanical Museum, P.O. Box 7, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Caduciella Caduciella guangdongense moss Pinnatella Taiwanobryum


Female sexual organs and sporophytes of Taiwanobryum guangdongense (Neckeraceae) are reported for the first time. The relatively short and mammillose setae in the upper part and the ovoid to shortly cylindric capsules resemble those of T. mucronatum.


Download data is not yet available.