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Published: 2016-10-12

Additions to the bryophyte flora of Guadeloupe archipelago (Lesser Antilles)

5, lotissement Moreau, 97128 Goyave Guadeloupe French overseas department
Institut Systématique Évolution Biodiversité UMR 7205 UPMC, MNHN, CNRS, EPHE. Muséum National d’histoire Naturelle 57, rue Cuvier Case postale 39 FRANCE-75005 Paris
bryophytes new record Guadeloupe archipelago


13 liverworts, 6 mosses and 1 hornwort are newly reported from the Guadeloupe archipelago. Mytilopsis albifrons, Plagiochila gymnocalycina var. surinamensis, Prionolejeunea muricatoserrulata and Syrrhopodon cymbifolius, are reported as new from the West Indies.


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