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Published: 2018-12-27

Geocalyx heinrichsii sp. nov., the first representative of Geocalycaceae (Jungermanniales, Marchantiophyta) in Baltic amber

Hattori Botanical Laboratory, Obi 6-1-26, Nichinan City, Miyazaki 889-2535 Japan
Baltic amber Eocene fossil Geocalycaceae Geocalyx liverworts


Geocalyx heinrichsii T.Katag. is described as a new leafy liverwort species from Eocene Baltic amber. It is characterized by (1) small sized shoots less than 1 mm wide including leaves, (2) bifid underleaves, not connate with leaf bases, (3) presence of gemmiferous ascending microphyllous shoot, and (4) 1–2-celled spherical to ellipsoidal gemmae. This is the first fossil record for the genus Geocalyx and for the family Geocalycaceae (Jungermanniales, Marchantiophyta) from Baltic amber, and constitutes an important addition to our knowledge of the Eocene Baltic liverwort flora.