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Type: Editorial
Published: 2021-06-30
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Special issue of Bryophyte Diversity & Evolution: 50th anniversary of IAB

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 75 NorthEagleville road University of Connecticut Storrs CT


In 1969, an international group of bryologists established an association welcoming everyone seeking to further our knowledge on the biology of bryophytes. Fifty years later, the International Association of Bryologists (IAB) has slightly over 350 active members worldwide. Over the past decades, IAB has promoted bryology by establishing bryonet, a forum for discussions and questions, managed by Dr. Janice Glime, by publishing a regular newsletter, The Bryological Times sharing information about various developments in bryology, by publishing major reviews on specific subjects through the Advances in Bryology, by disseminating contributions to the diversification of bryophytes through Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution, by organizing biennial meetings, including in association with the sexennial International Botanical Congress, and by honoring colleagues for their achievements and stimulating research through grants. All these are made possible through the exemplary commitment by colleagues serving on the council, the editorial boards and the various ad hoc adjudication committees. To all, my and the members’ sincere gratitude.


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