Bulletin of Phylogenetic Nomenclature https://mapress.com/bpn <p>The Bulletin of Phylogenetic Nomenclature is a peer-reviewed journal of the <a href="http://phylonames.org/">International Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature</a> (ISPN) that aims to publish articles essential to the operation of the International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature (ICPN) but which might not be appropriate for publication in other journals.</p> Magnolia press en-US Bulletin of Phylogenetic Nomenclature 2815-9233 <span lang="EN-GB">Authors need to complete and return an </span><span lang="EN-GB">Assignment of Copyright </span><span lang="EN-GB">form when a paper is accepted for publication. Authors from institutions that do not allow transfer of copyrights to publishers (e.g. government institutions such as USDA, CSIRO) should attach a copyright waiver or similar document.</span> <p><strong>Addition to “The Phylogenetics of <em>Teleosauroidea</em> (<em>Crocodylomorpha</em>; <em>Thalattosuchia</em>) and Implications for Their Ecology and Evolution”</strong></p> https://mapress.com/bpn/article/view/bpn.1.1.1 <p>Johnson <em>et al.</em> (2020a) provided a comprehensive overview of <em>Teleosauroidea</em>, a diverse group of Mesozoic crocodylomorphs that lived in freshwater-to-marine ecosystems across the world. Johnson <em>et al.</em> (2020a) performed numerous phylogenetic analyses on <em>Teleosauroidea</em> and used them to establish a new taxonomic framework for this long-neglected clade. However, therein the numerous new teleosauroid clades were not properly registered in accordance with the <em>International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature</em> (PhyloCode). Herein we correct this error. We also replace the clade name <em>Aeolodontinae</em> with <em>Aeolodontini</em>, to ensure we do not inadvertently create two different names for this clade under the PhyloCode and the <em>International Code of Zoological Nomenclature</em>.</p> <p> </p> Michela M. Johnson Mark T. Young Arnaud Brignon Stephen L. Brusatte Copyright (c) 2022 Magnolia Press Limited https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0 2022-08-19 2022-08-19 1 1 1 7 10.11646/bpn.1.1.1