Journal of Insect Biodiversity 2023-09-28T15:21:58+13:00 Levent Gültekin, Ph. D., Professor, Editor in Chief Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Journal of Insect Biodiversity</strong> (<strong>JIB</strong>) is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal of Biodiversity Application &amp; Research Center of the Atatürk University. <span lang="EN-GB">JIB is dedicated to publishing high-quality novel </span><span lang="EN-GB">scientific data </span><span lang="EN-GB">on <strong>insect biodiversity</strong>. The aims</span> of this journal are to share and disseminate novel scientific information on the discovery, description, and conservation of insect diversity. </p> <strong>New data on <em>Urostylis lateralis</em> Walker, 867 (Heteroptera, Urostylididae) from the south of the Russian Far East</strong> 2023-08-15T03:12:17+12:00 ELENA V. KANYUKOVA TATYANA О. MARKOVA MIKHAIL V. MASLOV <p>Nymphal <em>Urostylis lateralis</em> Walker, 1867 were reared in cages from eggs that had overwintered in forest under oak rhytidome in the south of Primorsky Krai, Russia. Instar I nymphs hatch before the onset of oak’s growing season and develop under rhytidome, feeding on the jelly-like coating of egg clutch and molting. As oak leaves unfold, instars II–III leave their shelters and begin feeding on leaf sap. Adults live in the oak crown. The sequence of molts of all nymphal instars, their feeding, and the timing of seasonal development of the species in nature are documented.</p> 2023-09-28T00:00:00+13:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Magnolia press