Journal of Insect Biodiversity <p><strong>Journal of Insect Biodiversity</strong> (<strong>JIB</strong>) is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal of Biodiversity Application &amp; Research Center of the Atatürk University. <span lang="EN-GB">JIB is dedicated to publishing high-quality novel </span><span lang="EN-GB">scientific data </span><span lang="EN-GB">on <strong>insect biodiversity</strong>. The aims</span> of this journal are to share and disseminate novel scientific information on the discovery, description, and conservation of insect diversity. </p> Magnolia Press en-US Journal of Insect Biodiversity 2538-1318 Copyright is retained by Magnolia press LTD. <strong>Diversity of horseflies (Diptera: Tabanidae) of highly protected nature areas in Croatia: an overview</strong> <p lang="en-US" align="justify"><span style="color: #000000;"><span style="font-family: Times New Roman, serif;"><span style="font-size: small;"><span lang="en-GB">In Croatia, 55 taxa of Tabanidae (species and subspecies) were recorded in 17 of 22 highly protected nature categories, including Strict Reserves, National Parks and Nature Parks. These taxa amounted to 70.51% of the Tabanidae fauna of Croatia. New records were discovered for the following 22 species in all three protected nature categories: </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>Silvius alpinus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Scopoli, 1763); </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>Chrysops caecutiens</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Linnaeus, 1758);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Hybomitra distinguenda</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Verrall, 1909);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Hybomitra muehlfeldi</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Brauer </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>in</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Brauer &amp; Bergenstamm, 1880);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Hybomitra pilosa</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Loew, 1858);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Hybomitra solstitialis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Meigen, 1820) nec Lyneborg (1959);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus autumnalis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Linnaeus, 1761;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus bovinus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Linnaeus, 1758;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus bromius</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Linnaeus, 1758;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus cordiger</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Meigen, 1820;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus exclusus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Pandellé, 1883;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus glaucopis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Meigen, 1820; </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus maculicornis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Zetterstedt, 1842;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus shannonellus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Kröber, 1936;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus sudeticus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Zeller, 1842;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus tergestinus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Egger, 1859;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Tabanus unifasciatus</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Loew, 1858;</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Haematopota grandis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Meigen, 1820; </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>Haematopota italica</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> Meigen, 1804; </span><span lang="en-GB"><em>Haematopota pandazisi</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Kröber, 1936);</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Haematopota pluvialis</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Linnaeus, 1758) and</span> <span lang="en-GB"><em>Dasyrhamphis ater</em></span><span lang="en-GB"> (Rossi, 1790). Similarities among Tabanidae fauna in four Nature Parks (Kopački rit, Lonjsko polje, Medvednica and Papuk) located in continental Croatia ranged from 55.81% to 74.41%. Nature Parks (Biokovo, Dinara, Učka and Vransko Lake) in Mediterranean part of Croatia had similarities ranging from 0% to 57.14%. In National Parks, the highest similarity (47.61%) was recorded between the Plitvice Lakes and Krka.</span></span></span></span></p> STJEPAN KRČMAR MARCO PEZZI Copyright (c) 2024 Magnolia press 2024-02-22 2024-02-22 46 2 32 60 10.12976/jib/2024.46.2.1