Journal of Insect Biodiversity <p><strong>Journal of Insect Biodiversity</strong> (<strong>JIB</strong>) is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal of Biodiversity Application &amp; Research Center of the Atatürk University. <span lang="EN-GB">JIB is dedicated to publishing high-quality novel </span><span lang="EN-GB">scientific data </span><span lang="EN-GB">on <strong>insect biodiversity</strong>. The aims</span> of this journal are to share and disseminate novel scientific information on the discovery, description, and conservation of insect diversity. </p> en-US Copyright is retained by Magnolia press LTD. (Levent Gültekin, Ph. D., Professor, Editor in Chief) (JIB team) Mon, 09 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +1300 OJS 60 <strong>Study of types of the <em>Arthrostenus</em> Schoenherr in C. J. Schoenherr collection, with a new synonymy (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)</strong> <p class="Abstract"><span lang="EN-GB">Types of the three species of <em>Arthrostenus </em>Schoenherr, 1826 described by C. H. Boheman, housed at the C. J. Schoenherr collection in the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm are examined. The lectotype is designated for <em>Arthrostenus fullo </em>Boheman, 1836. The holotypes of <em>Arthrostenus</em> <em>spadiceus</em> Boheman, 1836 and <em>Arthrostenus cinereus</em> Boheman, 1836 are conspecific, which resulted in a new synonymy as follows: <em>Arthrostenus</em> <em>spadiceus</em> Boheman, 1836 = <em>Arthrostenus cinereus</em> Boheman, 1836; <strong>syn. nov.</strong> Digital photographs for the three types are presented.</span></p> NESLİHAN GÜLTEKİN Copyright (c) 2023 Magnolia press Thu, 12 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +1300 <strong>Naturalisation of the Transcaucasian and East Anatolian darkling beetle <em>Odocnemis aurichalcea</em> (Adams, 1817) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae: Helopini) in the North Caucasus</strong> <p>The present state of the invasive population of <em>Odocnemis</em> <em>aurichalcea</em> (Adams, 1817) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in North Caucasus is studied. This species is widespread in Transcaucasia and has entered Nalchik and Nartkala towns (North Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia) possibly during urban greening where it is mentioned in these localities since at least the middle of the 20th century. Nothing was known about the status of this invasive population for 54 years.</p> <p> A rich population of this species was discovered in the outskirts of Nalchik in a natural beech forest in 2022. The species is naturalized in the North Caucasus, but inhabits only a very narrow, isolated range in this region. Diurnal activity, the response of adults to high temperature and humidity, habitat and trophic associations, and current distribution of the species in the North Caucasus are assessed. Taxocenes of tenebrionids from the tribe Helopini, including <em>O. aurichalcea</em>, were described. We establish that imagoes of the species occupy a narrower ecological niche in the invasive range under natural conditions, than in the native range, inhabiting exclusively beeches and feeding on algae of the genus <em>Desmococcus </em>F. Brand, 1925 (Chlorophyta: Trebouxiophyceae).</p> MAXIM V. NABOZHENKO, IVAN A. CHIGRAY, LUDMILA V. GAGARINA, SVETLANA NABOZHENKO Copyright (c) 2023 Magnolia press Thu, 12 Jan 2023 00:00:00 +1300 <strong>Observations of feeding damage of some Turkish leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae) with new masquerade and host plant records<strong> <p class="Abstract"><span lang="EN-GB">Twenty-three observations of leaf beetles and their feeding damage are reported. Masquerade is found in 15 observations. In 12 observations dark colored beetles were making obvious dark colored damage. Light colored beetles of three species were observed making light colored damage. Masquerade in Chrysomelinae is reported here for the first time. In Galerucinae, masquerade is recorded for the first time for the species of <em>Calomicrus</em> Stephens and <em>Orthocrepis </em>Weise. New host plants are recorded for: <em>Longitarsus hittita</em> Biondi - <em>Anchusa azurea </em>Mill.; <em>Longitarsus audisioi</em> Biondi - <em>Symphytum asperum </em>Lepech.; and <em>Chaetocnema tibialis</em> (Illiger) - <em>Chenopodium rubrum </em>L.</span></p> ALEXANDER S. KONSTANTINOV, LEVENT GÜLTEKİN, NESLİHAN GÜLTEKİN Copyright (c) 2023 Magnolia press Sun, 09 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +1300