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Published: 2022-09-16

Two new endemic species of blueberry (Vaccinium L., Ericaceae) from Luzon and Mindanao islands, Philippines

Department of Biology, College of Science and Engineering, Texas Christian University, 2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76129, USA
Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 1700 University Drive, Fort Worth, Texas 76107, USA
Ericales taxonomy Vaccinioideae Vaccinium sect. Bracteata Eudicots


Two new species of Vaccinium from the Philippines are described and illustrated from historical herbarium collections. Vaccinium burburan from Luzon Island, Northern Philippines is morphologically similar to V. tenuipes, but is distinguished by having shorter petioles, pedicels and corolla, adaxially pubescent leaf blades with cordate base, apically pubescent corollas, and pubescent filaments throughout. It is only one of two species of Vaccinium in the Philippines known to have a cordate leaf blade base. Vaccinium burburan is considered critically endangered. Vaccinium jubatum from Mindanao Island, Southern Philippines, is morphologically similar to V. sylvaticum, but is distinguished by having a dentate leaf blade margin, shorter inflorescences and pedicels, a glabrous calyx, and shorter filaments. The dentate leaf blade margin of V. jubatum uniquely distinguishes it from other Philippine Vaccinium species. The conservation status of V. jubatum is considered data deficient. These discoveries further increase the current number of known Vaccinium species in the Philippines to 40.


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