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Author Guidelines

Zoosymposia is a rapid series for peer-reviewed collected papers (reviews or original papers) on special topics/themes in zoology.  It is a sister series of Zootaxa and is designed to allow volumes of collected papers covering a wide range of topics (e.g. ecology, conservation ...) outside the scope of Zootaxa.  Each volume should compose a special topic/theme or the result of a symposium and is edited by its own guest editors, who are responsible for individual manuscript peer review.  Accepted volumes are published within two months after the final files are received.  Each volume is separately issued and bound, and is published both online and in print at the same time. ISBNs are assigned to each title.

Editors of proposed volumes should submit a proposal to the series editor for approval.  Guest editors of each volume must follow the editorial standard of the series and ensure strict peer review of each manuscript collected in the volume.  Each manuscript must have a brief abstract that summarizes the principal conclusions of the paper. This should be followed by the main text and end with a list of References cited in the paper. There should be a maximum of three levels of headings. References should be cited in the text as Smith (1999), Smith and Smith (2000) or Smith et al. 2001 (3 or more authors), or alternatively in a parenthesis (Smith 2000; Smith & Smith 2000; Smith et al. 2001). All literature cited in the text must be listed alphabetically in the references in the following format.

A) Journal paper:

Smith, A.X. (1999) Title of the paper. Title of the journal in full, 51, 4–12. 

B) Book chapter:

Smith, A.X.  & Smith, B.X. (2000) Title of the Chapter. In: Smith, A, Smith, B. & Smith, C. (Eds.), Title of Book. Publisher name, publisher location, pp. 102–123.

C) Book:

Smith, A.X, Smith, B.Y. & Smith, C.Z. (2001) Title of Book. Publisher name, publisher location,  254 pp.  

C) Internet resources

Author (2002) Title of website, database or other resources, Publisher name and location (if indicated), number of pages (if known). Available from:  (Date of access).

Dissertations resulting from graduate studies and non-serial proceedings of conferences/symposia are to be treated as books and cited as such. Papers not cited must not be listed in the references.

Please note that (1) journal titles must be written in full (not abbreviated); (2) journal titles and volume numbers are followed by a ","; (3) page ranges are connected by "n dash", not hyphen "-". For websites, it is important to include the last date when you see that site, as it can be moved or deleted from that address in the future.

Legends of illustrations should be listed after the list of references.  When preparing illustrations, authors should bear in mind that the journal has a matter size of 17 cm by 24 cm, with the online edition of A4 size and print edition A5 size. Image files should be saved in TIFF, 600 dpi for line art and 300 dpi for grey scale or colour artwork. Charts may be submitted in Microsoft excel or word.

Tables, if any, should be given at the end of the manuscript. Please use the table function in your word processor to build tables so that the cells, rows and columns can remain aligned when font size and width of the table are changed. Please do not use Tab key or space bar to type tables. 

Please provide all the authors' names, emails and orcids. (

If possible, please use the common font Times New Romans. Formatting should be restricted to bold, italics and indentation.

Copy-editing. We offer a proofreading and editing service that corrects for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, and improves flow, clarity, and readability in a natural English tone. Your paper will also be checked for in-text citations consistent with the reference list. Whether you are a native English speaker or not, an alternate pair of eyes always helps!

Order our copy-editing service here:

Order information:

Publishing in Zoosymposia is free of page charge and you will also be given a gratis PDF for personal use only (not for commercial use or open access). If you have funds for publication, you are encouraged to order open access, colour plates in the print edition, offprints etc, all of these can now be ordered via our official online store (

COLOUR PLATES. If colour plates in the print edition are desired, authors will be asked to contribute towards the full cost. Current rates: 100 USD for 1 colour page; 25% off for 2 or more colour pages.

Please place your order of colour plates here:

OPEN ACCESS. Authors who have funds to publish are strongly encouraged to pay a fee of 20 US$ per printed page to give free online access of their papers to all readers at this site or their own site. Open access papers are read by more people and are expected to have higher citation rates.

All open access papers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NC 4.0 Unported License.

Please place your order of open access here:

HARD COPIES & REPRINTS. Each author will be given a free e-reprint (PDF) for personal use (printing a copy for own use or exchange with other researchers, but not for deposition in a library/website/ftp-site for public access). Printed copies of each paper/monograph in the form of the regular reprint can also be produced by the Publisher for purchase by authors at cost to authors, with a discount based on the number of copies ordered.

Please place your order of reprints here:
Please place your order of hard copies here:

Here is a little example to show you how to place orders on our official store site:
Step 1: Go to Magnolia press E-store at
After your paper is accepted for publication, you'll be sent a registered code as XXXXX for the article (shown as part of subject of this E-mail), please use this code to finish your customization on the store.
Step 2: Add your order to the cart and complete the payment by using PayPal or Bank wire, we will make the arrangement accordingly after we receive your online order.

Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail or ftp to the editor.  Submissions of printer-ready pdfs are encouraged if editors have the skills or funding to do so.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.