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Type: Article
Published: 2019-07-15
Page range: 273–288
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New species of Allomyia Banks from the Western United States (Trichoptera: Apataniidae)

235 SW Central Avenue, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526 U.S.A.
3-104 Mezon-Hikarigaoka II, 1-71-1 Hikarigaoka, Komaki, Aichi Pref., 485-0811 Japan


Six new Allomyia species from the western United States are described: Allomyia kondratieffi sp. nov., Allomyia leei sp. nov., Allomyia meachamensis sp. nov., Allomyia sarahae sp. nov., Allomyia sheldoni sp. nov., Allomyia whatcomensis sp. nov. The majority of these species were collected from small headwater, high altitude streams on relatively isolated mountain ranges. These species bring the number of known North American Allomyia to 18. Additional notes on state/county distribution records, taxonomic problems, species diagnostics and adult emergence periods for the 18 North American species are provided.