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Type: Article
Published: 2023-07-31
Page range: 22-43
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Stonefly drumming behavior descriptions of three Soliperla Ricker, 1952 species (Plecoptera: Peltoperlidae)

CDFW Aquatic Bioassessment Lab & CSUC Enterprises; 233 Holt Hall; 940 West First Street; California State University; Chico; CA 95929-0555; U.S.A.
Plecoptera Stonefly vibrational communication mate finding behavior


One new drumming call signal description and two updated call descriptions of three Soliperla Ricker, 1952 species in the stonefly family Peltoperlidae are presented. It was determined after recording and analysis that these signals differed from the previous descriptions, warranting a revision. Percussive signal interval patterns for the three species are described for the first time. The previous monophasic call signal pattern descriptions of Soliperla quadrispinula (Jewett, 1954) and S. thyra (Needham & Smith, 1916) are updated to the repeated monophasic pattern. The male call and response of S. sierra Stark, 1983 and the response signal of S. quadrispinula are described for the first time. The call descriptions of the three California species consist of one to six monophasic signals with inconsistent inter-call intervals. Sequenced monophasic female answers did not follow all repeated male calls. Male monophasic responses occasionally followed female answers in sequenced 3-way exchanges.


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