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Type: Article
Published: 2023-07-31
Page range: 70-81
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Mayfly Larvae (Ephemeroptera) in Thailand: Diversity and Science Communication

Animal Systematics and Ecology Speciality Research Unit (ASESRU); Department of Zoology; Faculty of Science; Kasetsart University; Bangkok 10900; Thailand; Biodiversity Center Kasetsart University (BDCKU); Bangkok 10900; Thailand
Ephemeroptera biodiversity bioindicator DNA barcode systematics


Mayflies (Ephemeroptera) are one of the most common components of aquatic assemblages in freshwater environments and contribute to ecosystem services. Mayflies have been widely used as indicators of water quality and frequently play an important role in biomonitoring protocols. Mayflies exhibit a decrease in taxa richness with increases in stream or river pollution and degradation. A series of taxonomic studies on Thai mayflies reported 19 families, 73 genera, and approximately 176 species. The families Baetidae and Heptageniidae are the most diverse and widespread groups of Thai mayflies. Our understanding of the diversity of Thai mayflies has steadily increased in recent years. New genera are being described: Cymbalcloeon Suttinun, Gattolliat & Boonsoong, 2020; Elatosara Malzacher, 2020; Megabranchiella Phlai-ngam & Tungpairojwong, 2022; Mekongellina Malzacher, 2019; Sangpradubina Boonsoong & Sartori, 2016; and Thainis Malzacher, 2020. New species and new country records are constantly being discovered in Thailand. Nevertheless, the number of genera and species seems to be lower than the species diversity estimation, and several genera and species remain undescribed. Research on the systematics and ecology of mayflies has been increasing in recent years. DNA barcoding can provide a powerful supplement to the traditional morphological approach to species delimitation. The book entitled “Mayfly Larvae in Thailand” (Thai version) and the boardgame “Thai Mayflies” were developed for environmental science communication. Further efforts are required to assess the conservation status of mayfly species. Thus, data on mayfly diversity and ecological requirements could be used as tools to evaluate environmental impacts on water resources and to drive future research on biodiversity conservation management strategies.


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