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Type: Article
Published: 2011-06-10
Page range: 391–400
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The genus Eobrachycentrus Wiggins (Trichoptera, Brachycentridae) in Japan

Kanagawa Environmental Research Center, 1-3-39, Shinomiya, Hiratsuka, 254-0014 Japan
Trichoptera Brachycentridae Eobrachycentrus Japan taxonomy biology


Japanese species of the genus Eobrachycentrus are revised, and only 2 species are recognized: E. vernalis (Banks 1906) and E. niigatai (Kobayashi 1968). Eobrachycentrus oharensis (Iwata 1927) and E. propinquus Wiggins et al. 1985 are synonymized with E. vernalis and E. niigatai, respectively. Adults and immature stages of these 2 species are described or redescribed. Information on the larval habitat and biology is provided.