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Type: Article
Published: 2011-12-20
Page range: 51–55
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Eriophyid mites (Acari: Eriophyidae) from Turkey*

Department of Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, Yüzüncü Yıl University, Van, Turkey
Acari Eriophyidae taxonomy Turkey


A survey was carried out in 2006–2009 of the Eriophyidae species present on cultivated plants and on plants of natural vegetation of the regions of Van Lake Basin and Ankara, Turkey. A total of 18 species were identified, in the following genera: Aceria—six species; Aculus—two species; Eriophyes—two species; Abacarus, Anthocoptes, Aculops, Calepitrimerus, Colomerus, Phyllocoptes, Schevtchenkella and Tetra—one species each.