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New species of damselfly named in honor of Diego Armando Maradona!


Diego Armando Maradona is now immortalized in the name of a new species of damselfly: Librelula maradoniana gen. et sp. nov., which is published today in Palaeoentomology, within hours of the death of the famous hero in sports. In naming this species, the author JULIÁN F. PETRULEVIČIUS from Argentina wrote: "In honour to Diego Armando Maradona (El Diego) the best world football player ever. In 1986 FIFA World Cup, Maradona, the “People football player”, redefined the football in less than five minutes (, first with the “hand of God” goal and then with “the goal of the Century”, related exquisitely by football relator Victor Hugo Morales. In words of Emir Kusturica ( “that match was maybe the first and the last time that there was justice in the world”. He inspired the people and many popular artistic expressions via his Maradonian way."