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Published: 2020-10-30

Protanthomyza ryszardi sp. nov., another Eocene species of †Protanthomyzinae (Diptera: Anthomyzidae) from Baltic amber

Silesian Museum, Nádražní okruh 31, CZ-746 01 Opava, Czech Republic
Liseistieg 10, D-22149 Hamburg, Germany
Diptera Anthomyzidae Anthomyzid flies new extinct species taxonomy morphology relationships Tertiary


A new fossil species of Anthomyzidae (Diptera), viz. Protanthomyza ryszardi sp. nov. is described from Baltic amber (Eocene, 48–34 Ma) on the basis of one male and one female inclusion found in the same amber specimen. This is the tenth species of the extinct genus Protanthomyza Hennig, 1965 and extinct subfamily Protanthomyzinae Roháček, 1998. It belongs to a group lacking a ctenidial spine on fore femur. Based on analysis of morphological characters the relationships of the new species are discussed. Its discovery expands again the diversity of Anthomyzidae known to occur in the Eocene ‘Baltic amber forestʼ.


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