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Type: Short Communication
Published: 2021-02-26
Page range: 015–018
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Re-description of Hoffeinsodes inexpectatus (Wagner, 2012) (Psychodidae, Bruchomyiinae) from Baltic amber

University of Kassel, FB 10, Biology-Zoology, Heinrich-Plett-Straße 40, D-34132 Kassel, Germany; Parkstraße 65, D-36110 Schlitz, Germany
Liseistieg 10, D-22149 Hamburg, Germany
Liseistieg 10, D-22149 Hamburg, Germany
Diptera Psychodidae Bruchomyiinae


Bruchomyiinae is a subfamily of the Psychodidae (Diptera) with 57 extant and 19 extinct described species (Wagner & Stuckenberg, 2012, 2016). The core distribution area of extant species is the Neotropical region with almost 50 species in four genera. Six species in two genera are known from the Afrotropical region, and four species in one genus from the Oriental region (Polseela et al., 2018; Wagner & Stuckenberg, 2012, 2016). In the Nearctic and the Palearctic regions Bruchomyiinae are almost absent, with species occurrences only along the southern borders with sub-tropical climates.


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