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Type: Short Communication
Published: 2021-04-29
Page range: 137–140
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A new genus and species of Tingidae from Cretaceous Burmese amber (Hemiptera, Heteroptera)

Tiroler Landesmuseum, Josef-Schraffl-Strasse 2a, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Voronezh State University, Universitetskaya pl., Voronezh, 394018 Russia
Hemiptera Heteroptera


Mid-Cretaceous amber has yielded to date twelve species assigned to six genera of the plant bug family Tingidae Laporte, 1832: Burmacader Heiss & Guilbert (2 sp.); Cucullitingis Du & Yao (1 sp.); Paraphatnomacader Guilbert & Heiss (1 sp.); Spinitingis Heiss & Guilbert (1 sp.); Tingiometra Heiss, Golub & Popov (4 sp.); Tingiphatnoma Guilbert & Heiss (2 sp.) (Du & Yao, 2018; Golub & Heiss, 2020; Guilbert & Heiss, 2018; Heiss, Golub & Popov, 2015; Heiss & Guilbert, 2013, 2018, 2019; Maksoud, Azar & Huang, 2019; Ross, 2019). A new genus and species Microtingis leptosoma gen. et sp. nov. is described and illustrated below.


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