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Short Communication
Published: 2021-09-24

Re-description of the Cretaceous wasp Humiryssus leucus Lin, 1980 (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea: Baissidae)

State Key Laboratory of Palaeobiology and Stratigraphy, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology and Center for Excellence in Life and Paleoenvironment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 39 East Beijing Road, Nanjing 210008, China
Hymenoptera Evanioidea Baissidae


Humiryssus Lin, 1980 is a Cretaceous genus with Humiryssus leucus Lin, 1980 as its type species established based on a tiny wasp from the Lower Cretaceous (Hauterivian-Barremian) Laocun Formation at Laocun, Jiande, Zhejiang Province, eastern China and originally placed in the extinct family Paroryssidae (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinoidea) (Lin, 1980). It was later treated jointly with the genus Manlaya Rasnitsyn, 1980 (Evanioidea: Gasteruptiidae: Baissinae) because the characters shown in the line drawing by Lin (1980) indicate a close relationship of the genus to Manlaya (Rasnitsyn et al., 1998). However, Zhang & Rasnitsyn (2004) considered it to be a separate genus within the Baissinae, which is now considered as an independent family under the Evanioidea (e.g., Li et al., 2018; Jouault et al., 2020, 2021).


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