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Type: Article
Published: 2024-06-29
Page range: 353-363
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Description of two new species of Dirhagini (Coleoptera, Eucnemidae, Melasinae) from Myanmar amber

College of Life Sciences and Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies, Capital Normal University, Xisanhuanbeilu 105, Haidian District, Beijing 100048, China
Entomology Team, Zoology Unit, Finnish Museum of Natural History, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
College of Life Sciences and Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies, Capital Normal University, Xisanhuanbeilu 105, Haidian District, Beijing 100048, China
College of Life Sciences and Academy for Multidisciplinary Studies, Capital Normal University, Xisanhuanbeilu 105, Haidian District, Beijing 100048, China
Coleoptera Eucnemidae Melasinae Dirhagini false click beetles Cenomanian fossil resin


Two new species of Dirhagini are described from Cretaceous Myanmar amber: Cenomana grandis sp. nov. and Protomicrorhagus latus sp. nov. Based on the new specimen, the diagnosis of the genus Protomicrorhagus Muona, 2020 is revised, and Protomicrorhagus brevis Muona, 2020 is re-described. An identification key to all Dirhagini species from Myanmar amber is provided. Prothoracic structures of Cretaceous and modern Dirhagini species are discussed.


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