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Myriotrochus (Oligotrochus) meteorensis spec. nov., a new myrio-trochid holothurian from the deep-sea off NW Africa (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Myriotrochidae)



A new myriotrochid holothurian, Myriotrochus (Oligotrochus) meteorensis spec. nov., has been discovered in a deep-sea sample taken during an expedition with FS 'Meteor' (M 36) off north-west Africa, together with specimens of Molpadia musculus Risso, 1826, Hedingia albicans (Théel, 1886) and Protankyra cf. brychia (Verrill, 1885). The new species is similar to M. (O.) vitreus (M. Sars, 1866) and M. (O.) clarki Gage and Billett, 1986; it is thoroughly described and detailed measurements of wheel parameters are presented. This is the first record of a myriotrochid holothurian for the NE Atlantic Ocean south of 40°N.


Echinodermata, Holothuroidea; Myriotrochidae; Myriotrochus; Oligotrochus; M. (O.) meteorensis spec. nov.; taxonomy; systematics

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