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The Advantages

Unmatched speed of publication
In this era of elevated extinction rates of World's living animal species, rapid publications of taxonomic papers are not only desirable to authors, but also important to our science. Zootaxa aims to publish most manuscripts within a month or two after the final revisions are accepted by editors. 
Great flexibility
Unlike many other journals, Zootaxa does not restrict the length of manuscripts. A paper of a few pages describing a new species is not too short and a monograph of a few hundred pages is not too long. The only requirement is that peers/editors consider it a quality paper that is well-presented and makes a good contribution to animal diversity research. As an option for monographs, ISBNs are assigned to papers of 60 pages or more. 
Subscription is also flexible. You can have a standing order to the online or print edition, or both. You can also have a standing order to a subset of papers (e.g. papers on insects, papers on fishes). You can also purchase individual papers and both PDF or paper copies can be ordered this way.
Maximal online exposure
Accessed daily by more systematic zoologists daily than any other zoology journal, your papers are more likely to be read and cited if you publish them in Zootaxa.

Minimized cost to authors and readers
No page charge is required for publication of papers or monographs. Free e-reprint (a printable, high-resolution PDF) is also provided for authors' personal use (including exchange with other individual scientists, but not for deposition in libraries/websites/ftp-sites for public access). Authors with funding for publication can opt to pay a fee of US$20 per printed page to make his/her paper free online at this site. Colour images can be published in the online edition without any fees to authors.
Unlike many other journals, which require subscribers to buy a full issue or volume containing many papers not needed by a particular reader, Zootaxa allows subscribers to purchase each individual paper based on his/her needs and budget. An issue cost as little as US$4.00.

Optimized use of technology
Internet will be used to maximize the benefits of online journals: reduced cost in production and delivery, enhanced access, and interactive links in online files. The print edition is also produced concurrently for permanent records, using state-of-the-art printing technology. 
Environmental soundness
The use of paper is minimized to save our forests and environment: free e-reprint is provided to authors instead of paper ones so that authors can print out only enough paper copies that are needed; paper reprints can be ordered as few as 25 copies to avoid waste; correspondence /invoices to subscribers are sent electrically without paper whenever possible; submissions and reviews of manuscripts are handled electronically whenever possible.