Rediscovery of the sea cucumber “Toxodora” pacifica Ohshima, 1915 (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Apodida)



The apodous holothurian species originally described by Ohshima (1915) as Toxodora pacifica has been rediscovered, and its known geographic range extended from Suruga Bay, Japan to the western side of the Yellow Sea, China. As the genus name Toxodora is no longer available, a new genus name, Neotoxodora Liao, Pawson, and Wei, is proposed. The type material of Neotoxodora pacifica is lost, and a Neotype is named for this species.


Echinodermata, Toxodora, Neotoxodora pacifica, Holothuroidea, Apodida, Yellow Sea


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