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Two new species of Huascaromusca Townsend from Colombia, and a new combination for Giovanella carvalhoi (Diptera: Mesembrinellidae)



The Mesembrinellidae (Diptera: Oestroidea) are a group of exclusively Neotropical flies, with 38 recognized species distributed in nine genera. A total of 11 of these species, present in seven genera, were known to occur in Colombia. Huascaromusca obscura Wolff, sp. nov. and H. cordillera Wolff & Ramos-Pastrana, sp. nov. are herein described and their male terminalia are illustrated. Based on a prior molecular study of the family, Giovanella carvalhoi Wolff et al., 2013 is transferred to Huascaromusca Townsend. A key to all known species of Huascaromusca is provided.



Diptera, Andean biodiversity, taxonomy, Huascaromusca obscura, Huascaromusca cordillera, Giovanella

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