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Focus and Scope

Bionomina considers all types of papers on these questions, including: (1) historical, descriptive and critical papers regarding practices and traditions; (2) epistemological analyses about the different approaches to terminology, philosophies of the naming process, and the use and role of particular scientific concepts; (3) contributions to our open forum for confronting different opinions; (4) papers seeking a balance between prescriptive and normative goals and descriptive, informative and clarifying aims, i.e., providing a precise and concise lexical starting point; and (5) in cases where consensus emerges (possibly as a result of meetings), recommendations to the international community of biologists. 

Peer Review Process

Authors are encouraged to pay attention to the guidelines below when preparing their manuscripts for submission to Bionomina. The closer a manuscript will be to the editorial standards of Bionomina, the quicker it will be processed and published, once accepted. Format problems, for example in the references, may delay considerably and uselessly the publication of an accepted paper, which is detrimental both to the authors and to the journal.

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