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Type: Article
Published: 2010-12-24
Page range: 15–55
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Circumscriptional names of higher taxa in Hexapoda

dual nomenclature system circumscriptional nomenclature circumscriptional names typified names Hexapoda Insecta new taxa Holopandictyoptera Cryptovipositoria Oothecophora Enteracantha Pleuroptera


Testing non-typified names by applying rules of circumscriptional nomenclature shows that in most cases the traditional usage can be supported. However, the original circumscription of several widely used non-typified names does not fit the taxa they are applied to. Here I discuss names historically applied to the taxa whose correct circumscriptional names should be Hexapoda, Amyocerata, Triplura, Dermatoptera, Saltatoria, Spectra, Pandictyoptera, Palaeoblattariae, Neoblattariae, Parametabola, Parasita, Arthroidignatha, Plantisuga, Metabola, Birostrata, Rhaphidioptera, Meganeuroptera, Eleuterata, Panzygothoraca, Lepidoptera and Glossolepidoptera. The new names Holopandictyoptera taxon nov., Cryptovipositoria taxon nov., Oothecophora taxon nov., Enteracantha taxon nov., and Pleuroptera taxon nov. are proposed for recognized but yet unnamed taxa.