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Published: 2019-12-02

Comments on the nomenclature of genus- and family-series taxa of notothenioid fishes (Perciformes, Notothenioidei)

Laboratory of Ichthyology, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya emb. 1, 199034 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Romanization Aethotaxinae Artedidraconidae Bathydraconidae Bovichtidae Bovichtus Champsocephalinae Channichthyidae Channichthys Cygnodraconinae Dacodraconini Eleginopidae Eleginops Eleginus Gelidinae Gerlachea Gobionotothen Gymnodraconina


The nomenclatural status of the nomina proposed for genus-series and family-series taxa of the fish suborder Notothenioidei (Perciformes) is established. Three types of nomenclatural problems are revealed, where the current edition of the Code does not allow to make a definite choice, namely: [1] the nomenclatural status of a family-series nomen based on an incorrectly formed stem of a type genus nomen (Eleginopsinae/Eleginopsidae and Pleuragramminae); [2] the determination of the grammatical gender of a genus-series nomen, derived from a Greek or Latin word, having no originally stated gender (Gobionotothen, Lepidonotothen, Macronotothen and Patagonotothen); and [3] the determination of the gender of a Latinized Greek genus-series nomen having a different gender in different Greek dialects (Aethotaxis and Pleuragramma). Some options to solve these problems in a forthcoming edition of the Code are proposed. The nomenclatural status of the names «Cryonotothenioidea», «Eleginopsioidea» and «Pseudaphritioidea» as being outside the frame of the Code is established. The validity of the nomina Gelidinae, Pagetodes and Pagetodini as opposite of Pleuragrammatinae, Cryodraco and Cryodraconini, respectively, is demonstrated. The availability, validity or correctness of the nomina and/or parographs Aethotaxinae, Bovichtus, Bovichtidae, Bovichtoidea, Champsocephalinae, Channichthys, Channichthyidae, Dacodraconini, Elegininae, Eleginopinae, Pagetopsinae, Pagotheniini, Patagonotothenini and Pseudaphritidae are justified. The formation of family-series nomina from genus-series nomina ending in -ops is stabilized. The unavailability of the nomina Cygnodraconinae, Dissostichinae and Gobionototheninae is established. The spelling of protographs, authorships, publication dates and nomenclatural status of homonymous Aphritis are specified. The Romanization of the surnames of O. S. Voskoboinikova and A. V. Neelov, and the spelling of surname of F. R. LaMonte are stabilized. The authorship and/or publication date of the nomina Akarotaxis, Artedidraconinae, Bathydraconidae, Bovichtus, Bovichtidae, Champsocephalus, Channichthyinae, Cottoperca, Dolloidraco, Eleginops, Eleginopinae, Gymnodraconinae, Macronotothen, Nototheniidae, Pseudaphritidae, Trematominae and Vomeridens are specified. The feminine gender of Racovitzia is justified. The type species and their attributes for the genera Artedidraco, Chionodraco, Harpagifer and Pseudotrematomus are specified. A valid way of fixation and/or the possible auctor of a subsequent fixation of type species for the genera Aethotaxis, Chaenodraco, Cryothenia, Eleginops, Eleginus, Notothenia, Pagothenia and Trematomus is ascertained. The correctness of the binomen Pagetopsis maculata Barsukov & Permitin, 1958 is justified. The authorships of M.E. Blochii Systema Ichthyologiae, of Histoire naturelle des poissons and of a chapter on reptiles and fishes in the Historia fisica y politica de Chile are specified.