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Published: 2020-09-10

The nomenclatural status of new nematode nomina proposed in 1993 in the doctoral thesis of Christian Bussau, entitled Taxonomische und ökologische Untersuchungen an Nematoden des Peru-Beckens (Nematoda)

Department of Zoology, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Box 50007, SE–104 05, Stockholm, Sweden
zoological nomenclature Code publication availability nomen nudum validity


In his doctoral thesis, Christian Bussau published 110 new nematode nomina, including 97 nomina of new species, 11 of new genera and two of new subfamilies. The nomenclatural availability of these nomina has not been generally accepted and is evaluated here. It is determined that the doctoral thesis published by Bussau (1993) satisfies the criteria of publication outlined in Article 8 of the Code, and that all nomenclatural acts published in it satisfy the criteria of availability outlined in Articles 11 and 13 of the Code. The correct authority for all nomina first published in Bussau (1993) is ‘Bussau, 1993’, and not ‘Bussau, 1995’ or ‘Bussau & Vopel, 1999’. All nomenclatural acts published in Bussau (1995) and Bussau & Vopel (1999) are junior objective synonyms of acts published in Bussau (1993), except for Bathynox Bussau & Vopel, 1999. Nox Bussau, 1993 is a junior homonym of Nox Nalbant, 1986, and was provided the available new replacement nomen Bathynox Bussau & Vopel, 1999. The correct authority of Bathynox clavata is ‘(Bussau, 1993)’.


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