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Type: Article
Published: 2012-03-30
Page range: 57–80
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The distinction between introduction of a new nomen and subsequent use of a previously introduced nomen in zoological nomenclature

taxon’s establishment taxon’s erection taxon’s emendation taxon’s amendation nomen’s establishment nomen’s introduction nomen’s citation nomen’s emendation nomen’s first–use nomen’s replacement neonym paronym chresonym homonym homograph new


In order to avoid or at least reduce the number of mistakes and confusions due to the indiscriminate use of imprecise categories and terms which too often occur in publications dealing with zoological nomenclature, a precise terminology is provided for the distinction between different categories of terms designating the erection of new taxa and their subsequent modification, and the introduction of new nomina, their subsequent use or modification, and their replacement by other nomina.