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Type: Article
Published: 2020-05-14
Page range: 55-80
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Three new species of Dasyhelea Kieffer and new record of D. flaviformis Carter, Ingram and Macfie (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) from the Deltaic Proper of Gangetic West Bengal, India





The University of Burdwan


Professor, Department of Zoology
Dasyhelea new species new record immature Sebessia Prokempia Pseudoculicoides Key Oriental Region


Three new species of biting midges belonging to the genus Dasyhelea Kieffer are described as a result of the extensive entomological surveys in the Deltaic Proper of Gangetic West Bengal, India. Adult and pupal stages of Dasyhelea (Dasyhelea) multiforamina sp. nov. and D. (Sebessia) bulbosa sp. nov., and all the life stages of D. (Pseudoculicoides) aprojecta sp. nov. are described. Dasyhelea (Prokempia) flaviformis Carter, Ingram and Macfie is also recorded first time from the Oriental region as only adult stage. They are described, illustrated and photomicrographed. A short note on bionomics of the four species is provided. The subgeneric placement of seven species previously described from India and keys to the Indian species of Dasyhelea based on male and female are also furnished.


Key words: Dasyhelea, new species, new record, immature, Sebessia, Prokempia, Pseudoculicoides, Key, Oriental Region


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