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Type: Article
Published: 2020-07-14
Page range: 17-49
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Revision of Leades Jacobi with the description of a new genus, Yamirrina gen. nov., and notes on the absence of Iolania Kirkaldy from Australia (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha: Fulgoromorpha: Cixiidae: Cixiini)

Australia identification morphology distribution Homoptera Fulgoroidea Hawaii sp. nov. comb. nov.


The transfer of two species renders Iolania Kirkaldy, 1902 absent from Australia and endemic to Hawaii. Iolania clypealis Muir, 1931 is transferred into Leades Jacobi, 1928, resulting in the new combination Leades clypealis (Muir). The new genus Yamirrina gen. nov. is created to accommodate Iolania vittipennis Muir, 1931, which leads to the new combination Yamirrina vittipennis (Muir). Another species, Yamirrina concolor sp. nov., is added to the genus. The hitherto monotypic genus Leades is revised, and with the addition of four new species, Leades grandis sp. nov., L. ginginensis sp. nov., L. centralis sp. nov., L. warro sp. nov., and with L. clypealis and L. rufinus Jacobi, 1928, Leades now contains six species in total. Leades and Yamirrina are endemic to Australia. Redescriptions are provided for Leades rufinus, L. clypealis and Y. vittipennis. Identification keys to the genera of Australian Cixiini, and to all species of Leades and Yamirrina, are presented and host plant relationships are discussed.


Key words: Homoptera, Fulgoroidea, planthopper, south-west Australia, Hawaii, host plant


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