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Type: Correspondence
Published: 2021-03-17
Page range: 22-25
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Coomaniella (Coomaniella) humeralis sp. nov. (Coleoptera, Buprestidae, Coomaniellini)—a new species from the Laos, Houaphan province

Department of Forest Protection and Entomology, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Czech University of Life Sciences, Kamýcká 1176, CZ–165 21, Prague 6, Suchdol, Czech Republic
Taxonomy new species Laos


Coomaniella (Coomaniella) humeralis sp. nov. from Laos, Houaphan province is described and illustrated. The new species belongs to the Coomaniella macropus species–group. The world checklist of the genus Coomaniella ourgoin, 1924 is provided.

Key words: Taxonomy, new species, Laos


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