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Type: Article
Published: 2021-04-16
Page range: 43-49
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First report of Megachile (Callomegachile) sculpturalis Smith, 1853 (Apoidea: Megachilidae) from India

Zoological Survey of India


Junior Research Fellow

Zoological Survey of India

Zoological Survey of India M-Block, New Alipore, Kolkata-53


Scientist - C

Hymenoptera section

Zoological Survey of India



Hymenoptera section

Pollinator giant resin bee range extension Northeast India


The giant resin bee, Megachile (Callomegachile) sculpturalis (Smith, 1853) is an invasive solitary bee that has spread all over North America and Europe in the last decade. Although native to Asia, not much is known about its distribution in this continent. In the present study, Megachile (Callomegachile) sculpturalis is reported for the first time from India. Related information about this species regarding its nesting habits, floral association, and impact in introduced range obtained through bibliographical research along with the possible dispersal route after introduction in South Eastern Asia is provided.  The checklist of Megachile (Callomegachile) in India is also provided.


Key words: Pollinator, giant resin bee, range extension, Northeast India


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