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Type: Article
Published: 2021-05-14
Page range: 1-27
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Flea beetles of the West Indies: new combinations and new species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini)

Ph. D., USDA – Systematic Entomology Laboratory, Washington, USA
Dominican Republic habitat host plant leaf beetles Neotropical Region new taxa.


As a result of changes in the flea beetle classification in the last 20 years, the following new combinations are proposed for West Indian flea beetles: Acallepitrix nigrita (Jacoby 1897) comb. nov., Centralaphthona crucifera (Blake 1964) comb. nov., Centralaphthona grenadensis (Jacoby 1897) comb. nov., Centralaphthona inornata (Blake 1949) comb. nov., Centralaphthona insularis (Blake 1964) comb. nov., Centralaphthona lepta (Blake 1964) comb. nov., Centralaphthona nana (Blake 1949) comb. nov., Centralaphthona ruficollis (Blake 1970) comb. nov., Centralaphthona salaisa (Bechyné 1956) comb. nov., Centralaphthona schwarzi (Blake 1949) comb. nov., Dibolia dissita (Blake 1931) comb. nov., Erinaceialtica antennata (Medvedev 2004) comb. nov., Gioia crassicornis (Baly 1877) comb. nov., Homoschema auripennis (Suffrian 1868) comb. nov., Homoschema compressa (Suffrian 1868) comb. nov., Hypolampsis ferruginea (Suffrian 1868) comb. nov., Monomacra pallens (Fabricius 1792) comb. nov., Parchicola androsensis (Blake 1946) comb. nov., Parchicola religata (Jacquelin du Val 1857) comb. nov., Syphrea pauxilla (Suffrian 1868) comb. nov. Lectotypes are designated for the following species: Cyrsylus volkameriae (Fabricius 1792), Gioia crassicornis (Baly 1877), Homoschema auripennis (Suffrian 1868), Homoschema compressa (Suffrian 1868), Hypolampsis ferruginea (Suffrian 1868), Monomacra pallens (Fabricius 1792), Syphrea pauxilla (Suffrian 1868). The following new species are described from the Dominican Republic: Cyrsylus lasabejas sp. nov. (Sierra de Baoruco, Las Abejas); Dibolia sierradebaoruco sp. nov. (Sierra de Baoruco, Casete 1); Gioia elcachote sp. nov. (Barahona Province, El Cachote); Syphrea baoruco sp. nov. (Sierra de Baoruco, Las Abejas). New species and representatives of the genera – recipients of new combinations are illustrated.


Key words: Dominican Republic, habitat, host plant, leaf beetles, Neotropical Region, new taxa


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