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Type: Article
Published: 2023-12-27
Page range: 21-40
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An updated list of scale insects (Hemiptera, Coccomorpha) from import interceptions and greenhouses in the Netherlands

Ministry of Agriculture; Nature and Food Quality; The Netherlands Institute for Vectors; Invasive plants and Plant health (NIVIP); Geertjesweg 15; 6706 EA Wageningen; the Netherlands
Ministry of Agriculture; Nature and Food Quality; The Netherlands Institute for Vectors; Invasive plants and Plant health (NIVIP); Geertjesweg 15; 6706 EA Wageningen; the Netherlands
Hemiptera Coccomorpha Netherlands greenhouses import


An updated list is given of the scale insect species (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) intercepted on plants imported into the Netherlands and detected in greenhouses during the period 1950–2022. Host plants, country of origin and year of first interception are given for intercepted species on imported plants, 234 species in total. A second list of 149 species of Coccomorpha is presented summarizing the scale insects that were at least once found in greenhouses in the Netherlands during the observation period. The data of each species includes the first year of detection, the host plant on which the species was found and the type of greenhouse in which it was discovered. A group of 29 species has been found in greenhouses but has never been intercepted during import inspections. During the observation period several species were described as new to science e.g. three Rhizoecidae species: Ripersiella emarai Jansen, R. maasbachi (Jansen) and R. multiporifera Jansen, two Pseudococidae, Paraputo ensete (Williams & Matile-Ferrero) and Phenacoccus emansor Williams & Kozarzhevskaya, and one Qinococcidae Jansenus burgeri Foldi. A small part of the material could not yet be identified to species level with certainty.


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