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The Journal of the International Heteropterists’ Society (JHIS) publishes manuscripts of high scientific quality on heteropteran systematics, taxonomy, morphology, biodiversity, biogeography, natural history, and conservation biology.

Publications Fees. Members in good standing are allowed to publish for free in the journal, and those who pay an extra $20 per year are granted open access to all JIHS articles, including back issues (join now at: Only one author of any article needs to be a member to receive member rates. Articles submitted by non‐members will be accessed a processing fee of $20 per page.

Reprints. Member and nonmember authors will receive a free PDF copy of their published article. Hard-copy reprints and open access may be ordered directly from the printer (Magnolia Press) at the time page proofs are received.

Accepted Content. Papers are limited to 50 printed pages, including figures. For longer papers, please contact the Chief Editor(s). Manuscripts are peer reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers before acceptance. Rejection of manuscripts or their final acceptance is the responsibility of the Chief Editor(s), in consultation with the Subject Editors.

Open Access can be ordered from the store site or by contacting us at

Open Access Fees: The first 60 pages are $20 per page, and pages above 60 are half-price (Available on request).

Manuscript submittal and review process. All manuscripts must be in English. Authors whose first language is other than English are encouraged to have their manuscript reviewed by a person with good English language skills before submission.

Manuscripts, together with all files (figures, tables, etc.), should be submitted electronically through the Journal website. The text should be in a Microsoft Word, OpenDocument, or Rich Text format (i.e., .doc, .docx, .odt, .rtf) and the plates in high-resolution quality tif format.

The Chief Editor(s) will make an initial assessment of each manuscript. If the initial evaluation reveals that a manuscript is unsuitable for peer review, it may be rejected outright or a request that the author make changes and resubmit will be made. Manuscripts that do not conform to the formatting requirements will be returned for the authors to make the required changes. Fulfillment of the formatting instructions will contribute to reduced expenses, improved quality, and accelerated publication of papers. 

Manuscripts deemed suitable for peer review will be forwarded to a Subject Editor, who will assess each manuscript and send it to two reviewers. Subject Editors may recommend rejection of a manuscript without sending it out for peer review.

Subject Editors will correspond directly with the corresponding author and reviewers. Reviewers will send their reviews, and the Subject Editor will see that the author provides the necessary revisions prior to forwarding the manuscript to the Chief Editor(s) for final acceptance.

After acceptance, proofs will be provided within 4 weeks, with the exception of special volumes and large papers, which may take longer. The Chief Editor(s) will correspond directly with the corresponding author during the layout and proof stages until the manuscript is published.

Publication ethics and malpractice statements

  1. Publication and authorship:

- Authors must indicate that the article has not been published previously or considered for publication elsewhere and ensure that the article does not infringe on any copyright or other proprietary right of any person or entity, and does not contain false claims, defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, or any other statement that is illegal in any way.

  1. Author's responsibilities:

- At the time manuscripts are submitted all authors are supposed to have agreed to the submission and recognized the corresponding author.

- Authors must make a declaration that all data in the submitted manuscript are real and authentic.

- Authors are obliged to participate in the peer review process and provide retractions or corrections of mistakes.

  1. Peer review / responsibility for the reviewers:

- Authors may suggest two or more potential reviewers for each article (on the first step of submission procedure, in Comments for the Editor). The editors may or may not follow these suggestions. Authors may also indicate reviewers who have conflicts of interest.

- Reviewers will have no conflict of interest with respect to the authors and/or the research.

- Reviewers should make suggestions they consider necessary to improve the paper and should indicate relevant published works not mentioned.

- Reviewed articles will be treated confidentially.

  1. Editorial responsibilities:

- The Chief Editor have complete responsibility and authority to reject or accept an article and have no conflict of interest with respect to these articles.

- ­If errors are found, the publication of corrections or retractions is encouraged.

   Editors will keep unpublished information in the manuscript in strict confidence before publication.

- All reviews will remain anonymous unless the reviewer chooses to waive their anonymity on the provided review form.

The JIHS Editorial Board, including the Editors, are strongly against any form of falsification or fabrication of data and plagiarism and will treat any breach of ethics seriously in accordance with COPE guidelines (