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Published: 2009-02-11

The giant purple pedinid—a new species of Caenopedina (Echinodermata: Echinoidea: Pedinidae) from New Zealand and Australia

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research Limited, Private Bag 14 901, Wellington, New Zealand
Echinodermata Echinoid Pedinoida Caenopedina porphyrogigas sp. nov. C. pulchella taxonomy


Echinoids of the genus Caenopedina are widely distributed in continental shelf and slope waters of tropical to subAntarctic regions. A new species, Caenopedina porphyrogigas sp. nov. is described from temperate and sub-Antarctic areas of New Zealand and southeastern Australia in depths of 350–1200 m. This species is distinctive for the rich brown colour of its spines, purple apical and oral regions, large size, wide interambulacral plates, lack of obvious sexual dimorphism, and few forms of pedicellariae. The first confirmed records outside of the Hawaiian Islands and neighbouring atolls of another species in the genus, C. pulchella, reveal its existence also in northern New Zealand, and C. otagoensis, previously considered endemic to New Zealand is recorded from additional locations in the region as well as from a seamount west of Tasmania. An updated key to the species of Caenopedina is provided to include the four Australasian species most recently described.


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