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Type: Articles
Published: 2010-12-21
Page range: 1–20
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Five new species of predaceous cheyletid mites (Acari: Prostigmata: Cheyletidae)

Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya embankment 1, 199034 St. Petersburg, Russia
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, Entomology, 1 Crewe Place, Rosebery, NSW 2018, Australia
Acari Cheyletidae new species predators systematics


Five new species and 1 new genus of predaceous cheyletid mites (Acari: Cheyletidae) are described. Oconnoricheylus gen. nov. (type species O. speciosus sp. nov.) differs from Alliea in both sexes by the presence of 4 setae on tibia II and in males by the palpal claws possessing  elongated projections, an apically slightly serrate eupathidium ul’ and comb-like eupathidia acm and sul. Oconnoricheylus speciosus sp. nov. (from oranges, USA) differs from O. chimaera (Bochkov & Ochoa) comb. nov. (transferred from Alliea) by the presence of 2 filiform setae on tibia II, the distinct ornamentation of the dorsal shields, and by the absence of angles on the leg tarsal claws. Cheletomimus crowei sp. nov. (from avocado, New Zealand) differs from C. filipina Corpuz-Raros and C. notelaeae Gerson by smooth filiform setae dF of the palpal femur, smooth idiosomal setae c2, the presence of setae ps3, setae se located off the propodonotal plate, bases of setae e1 located almost at the same level with bases of e2, and by the propodonotal shield in the shape of an inverted trapezium. Chelacheles thomasi sp. nov. (from oranges, Australia) differs from C. stigmaeoides Barilo by the absence of setae c4,  short and serrate rod-like setae c2 (about 40 long), and by the presence of 2 setae on femur III. Chelacheles indra sp. nov. (from beetles Sinoxylon crassum, India) differs from C. baiwanganae Corpuz-Raros by the absence of setae f1, by setae h1 being slightly shorter than other hysteronotal setae. Bak indonesiensis sp. nov. (from undetermined beetle, Indonesia) differs from B. elongatus Patxot & Goff and B. faini Corpuz-Raros by the presence of 1 seta (l’) on genu III, the slightly clavate dorsal setae of the idiosoma, setae e1 being subequal in shape and sizes to their anterior hysteronotal setae, and by the presence of a pair of distinct lateral teeth on the rostral shield.


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