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Type: Articles
Published: 2012-09-12
Page range: 77–87
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Protoblepharon mccoskeri, a new flashlight fish from eastern Taiwan (Teleostei: Anomalopidae)

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium; Institute of Marine Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, National Dong Hwa University; No. 2, Houwan Road, Checheng, Pingtung 944, Taiwan
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, 10th and Constitution Ave, NW Washington, DC 20560-0159, U.S.A
Fish Pisces Beryciformes taxonomy new species


A new flashlight fish of the genus Protoblepharon is described based on a large male specimen collected from easternTaiwan, northwestern Pacific Ocean. It differs from the only congener, P. rosenblatti, in having the following characters:a smaller light organ with a larger cup; a deeper body; a strongly convex dorsal profile; a smaller and anterior placed pelvicfin, the appressed fin reaching to the midpoint between origins of pelvic and anal fins; a smaller pectoral fin, the apressedfin not reaching the lateral line; second dorsal-fin spine the longest; a shorter snout; a smaller eye; about 30 scale rows between first dorsal-fin base and lateral line; and more than 260 scale rows along the body axis.


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