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Type: Article
Published: 2014-08-11
Page range: 451–494
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Plume moths of Malawi (Lepidoptera: Pterophoridae)

Moscow Society of Nature Explorers. Home address: Malaya Filevskaya str., 24/1, app. 20, Russia, 121433.
Altai State University, Lenina 61, Barnaul, 656049, Russia.
PO Box 914, Mzuzu, Malawi
Lepidoptera Pterophoridae


A review of Pterophoridae of Malawi is presented; 96 species from 35 genera and five subfamilies are recorded. Fourteen species are described as new: Agdistis nyasa Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Platyptilia mugesse Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Stenoptilia juniper Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Sphenarches mulanje Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp.nov., Marasmarcha lamborni Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Arcoptilia malawica Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Apoxyptilus uzumarus Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Gypsochares murphy Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Crassuncus livingstoni Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Hellinsia namizimu Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Hellinsia сhewa Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Picardia leza Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Picardia raymondi Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov., Picardia tumbuka Kovtunovich & Ustjuzhanin sp. nov. New synonymies are established for 10 species: Deuterocopus deltoptilus Meyrick, 1930 = Deuterocopus socotranus Rebel, 1907 syn. nov.; Deuterocopus henrioti Bigot & Boireau, 2006 = Deuterocopus socotranus Rebel, 1907 syn. nov.; Platyptilia periacta Meyrick, 1910 = Platyptilia farfarella Zeller, 1867 syn. nov.; Platyptilia claripicta Fletcher, 1910 = Platyptilia farfarella Zeller, 1867 syn. nov.; Platyptilia pygmaeana Strand, 1913 = Sphenarches anisodactylus (Walker, 1864) syn. nov.; Exelastis bergeri Bigot, 1969 = Exelastis crudipennis (Meyrick, 1932) syn. nov.; Prichotilus tanzanicus Gielis, 2011 = Prichotilus tara Ustjuzhanin and Kovtunovich, 2011 syn. nov.; Crassuncus chappuisi Gibeaux, 1994 = Crassuncus ecstaticus (Meyrick, 1932) syn. nov.; Paulianilus lolibai Arenberger, 2011 = Hellinsia madecasseus (Bigot, 1964) syn. nov.; Pterophorus purus Meyrick, 1913 = Crassuncus pacifica (Meyrick, 1911) syn. nov. New combinations are established for six species: Marasmarcha bengtssoni (Gielis, 2009) comb. nov.; Marasmarcha locharcha (Meyrick, 1924) comb. nov.; Marasmarcha rubriacuta (Gielis, 2009) comb. nov.; Procapperia insomnis (Townsend, 1956) comb. nov.; Crassuncus ecstaticus (Meyrick, 1932) comb. nov.; Crassuncus colubratus (Meyrick, 1909) comb. nov. For Stenoptilia viettei Gibeaux, 1994, Sphenarches bifurcatus Gielis, 2009, Crassuncus ecstaticus (Meyrick, 1932) images of the male genitalia are presented for the first time, for Marasmarcha bengtssoni (Gielis, 2009), and Stenodacma cognata Gielis, 2009 female genitalia are illustrated for the first time. Species of wide pantropical or cosmopolitan distribution are not reported as new for the fauna of Malawi.  However, 65 species of Pterophoridae are reported for the fauna of Malawi for the first time.  One of them, Stenoptilia viettei Gibeaux, 1994, described from Madagascar, is reported for continental Africa for the first time.