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Type: Article
Published: 2016-03-20
Page range: 127–134
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A new species of Spiroberotha Adams 1989 (Neuroptera: Berothidae) and the first record of the genus in Brazil

Texas A & M University – TAMU, Department of Entomology, College Station, TX, USA.
Universidade Federal do Tocantins – UFT, Coordenação de Ciências Biológicas, Porto Nacional, TO, Brazil.
Neuroptera beaded lacewings Berothinae Brazilian Savannah Nosybinae Tocantins


The genus Spiroberotha Adams, 1989 is classified in Berothidae (Neuroptera) with two described species: S. fernandezi Adams, 1989 from Venezuela and S. sanctarosae Adams, 1989 from Colombia, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Here we describe a new species, S. tocantinensis n. sp., from Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil. This is the first record of the genus in Brazil, extending its geographical distribution.



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