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Published: 2016-08-15

Two new paratanaid Tanaidacea (Crustacea: Malacostraca: Peracarida) from the Hawaiian Islands, with illustrated taxonomic keys

NSF- CREST Center for the Integrated Study of Coastal Ecosystem Processes and Dynamics in the Mid-Atlantic Region (CISCEP), Department of Natural Sciences, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853, USA.
Marine Educational Services, University of Texas Marine Science Institute750 Channel View Drive, Port Aransas, TX 78373, USA
Department of Coastal Sciences, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast Research Laboratory Campus, Ocean Springs, MS 39564, USA.
Crustacea Tanaidacea Paratanaidae Aparatanais hawaiensis Metatanais spinipropodus tropical mid-Pacific Hawaii


Two new tanaidomorphan tanaidaceans, Aparatanais hawaiensis, sp. nov. and Metatanais spinipropodus, sp. nov. represent the first members of the Family Paratanaidae to be described from the Hawaiian Islands. Aparatanais hawaiensis is distinguished from the other species of the genus by the setation of the antenna, maxilliped, chela, and pereopods. Metatanais spinipropodus is distinguished from the other three members of its genus by its chela having a strongly developed, chisel-like, spiniform seta on the inner face of propodus near the sub-distal margin of the fixed finger. The Hawaiian occurrence of M. spinipropodus extends the range for the genus Metatanais well-eastward into the mid-Pacific Ocean. This study presents the first description of a male attributable to the genus Aparatanais.



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