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Published: 2017-05-16

Descriptions of two new species of Torodorinae (Lepidoptera, Lecithoceridae), with three new records of Torodora Meyrick from Laos

The Korean Academy of Science and Technology, Seongnam, Gyeonggi Prov., 463-808, Korea.
Bio-Resource and Environmental Center, Division of Life Sciences, College of Life Sciences and Bioengineering, Incheon National University, Academi-ro, Incheon 22012, Korea.
taxonomy Caveana plenalinea Antiochtha hemiodes Asia Lepidoptera Laos


Two new species of Torodorinae: Caveana plenalinea Park, sp. nov. and Antiochtha hemitatos Park, sp. nov., are described from Laos. At the same time, three species of the genus Torodora are reported for the first time from Laos.


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