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Type: Article
Published: 2018-12-04
Page range: 281–291
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Discovery of a rare and striking new pierid butterfly from Panama (Lepidoptera: Pieridae)

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, 32611, USA Departamento de Entomología, Museo de Historia Natural Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Apartado 14-0434 Lima-14, Peru
Mississippi Entomological Museum, Department of Biochemistry, Entomology and Plant Pathology, Mississippi State University, Mississippi, 39762, USA
Centro Regional Universitario de Azuero, Universidad de Panamá, Chitre, Panama
McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, 32611, USA Laboratorio de Entomología, Escuela de Biología, Ecología y Gestión, Universidad del Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad, Sección invertebrados, Quito, Ecuador.
Lepidoptera Pieridae


We here describe and name a distinctive new pierid species in the subfamily Pierinae, Catasticta sibyllae Nakahara, Padrón & MacDonald, n. sp. from western Panama. Catasticta. sibyllae n. sp. is known from only two male specimens collected at two sites which are approximately 130 km apart in western Panama. This new species is the only species in the genus without markings in the median area of both surfaces of forewing and hindwing, and our molecular data suggest that the Peruvian species C. lisa Baumann & Reissinger, 1969 is its sister species.



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