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Type: Article
Published: 2019-01-15
Page range: 1–31
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Three new species of the pandalid shrimp genus Pandalopsis Spence Bate, 1888 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea) from the southwestern Sea of Okhotsk, with supplemental note on P. glabra Kobjakova, 1936

Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba, 955-2 Aoba-cho, Chuo-ku, Chiba, 260-8682 Japan.
Marine Science Museum, Fukushima Prefecture, Aquamarine Fukushima, 50 Tatsumi-cho, Onahama, Iwaki, Fukushima, 971-8101 Japan.
Crustacea 16S rRNA gene morphological comparison Pandalopsis capillus houyuu princeps


The present study deals with a collection of deep-sea shrimp of the pandalid genus Pandalopsis Spence Bate, 1888 from the Nemuro Strait, Hokkaido, southwestern part of the Sea of Okhotsk. Three new species are described and illustrated: Pandalopsis capillus n. sp., P. houyuu n. sp. and P. princeps n. sp. In addition, Pandalopsis glabra Kobjakova, 1936, a species endemic to the Sea of Okhotsk, is supplementary reported. Most specimens were collected from steep slopes or hard bottoms at depths greater than 400 m by commercial shrimp trap or gill nets operated by local fishermen. Differentiation of the new species is primarily based on a morphological comparison, supplemented by a preliminary genetic analysis of partial segments of the mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene. An identification key to the species of Pandalopsis is presented.



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