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Type: Monograph
Published: 2019-02-17
Page range: 1–232
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Studies on the Australian Muscidae (Diptera). VIII. The genus Lispe Latreille, 1797

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PW, United Kingdom.
Diptera Muscidae Australia Lispe revision taxonomy new species


The 39 Australian species of the genus Lispe Latreille are revised, including 22 new species here described. A key to species is given, and descriptions of both sexes are provided, including the male and female terminalia. Illustrations of external characters and of the male and female terminalia are given, including habitus photographs of the new species. Summaries of biology and habitat preferences, where known, are described. 22 new species are described: Lispe absentiseta sp. nov., Lispe affinis sp. nov., Lispe attenuata sp. nov., Lispe brendana sp. nov., Lispe caespitosa sp. nov., Lispe cilitibia sp. nov., Lispe collessi sp. nov., Lispe crinitarsis sp. nov., Lispe cristata sp. nov., Lispe esuriens sp. nov., Lispe floccosa sp. nov., Lispe glauca sp. nov., Lispe gracilitarsis sp. nov., Lispe grisea sp. nov., Lispe hamulifera sp. nov., Lispe howeana sp. nov., Lispe incana sp. nov., Lispe lamellata sp. nov., Lispe nigrimanoides sp. nov., Lispe orbitalis sp. nov., Lispe penicillata sp. nov. and Lispe vikhrevi sp. nov.



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