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Type: Article
Published: 2019-03-04
Page range: 444–450
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Description of a new species of the genus Diastatotropis Lacordaire (Coleoptera: Anthribidae) with strikingly elongated elytral apices from north-eastern Madagascar

Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Department of Forest Protection and Entomology, Kamýcká 1176, CZ-165 21 Praha 6-Suchdol, Czech Republic.
University of Antananarivo, Laboratory of Ecology and Biodiversity, Doctoral School of Natural Resource Management and Deve-lopment, Graduate School of Agronomical Science, ESSA BP 175 Ambohitsaina – Antananarivo 101, Madagascar.
Coleoptera Anthribidae Anthribinae Diastatotropis taxonomy new species male and female genitalia Madagascar


A new species, Diastatotropis blazeji Trýzna sp. nov. (Anthribidae: Anthribinae: Cappadocini), from north-eastern Madagascar is described. Male and female genitalia are studied and illustrated and colour photographs are provided. It is distinguished from all species of the genus by the strikingly elongated apices of the elytra and the distinctly bright golden green colour of the upper side of the body.



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