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Type: Article
Published: 2019-10-09
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Generic Reclassification of Limonius Eschscholtz, 1829 (Elateridae: Dendrometrinae) sensu Candèze 1860 of the World

Montana Entomology Collection, 1911 W. Lincoln St., Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717, U.S.A.
Coleoptera taxonomy wireworm click beetles classification


The genus Limonius Eschscholtz, 1829 was last treated as a whole by Candèze (1860). Since then, members have been placed in eight other genera: Cidnopus Thomson, 1859; Gambrinus LeConte, 1853; Elathous Reitter, 1890; Kibunea Kishii, 1966; Limoniscus Reitter, 1905; Nothodes LeConte, 1861; Pheletes Kiesenwetter, 1858; and Solskyana Dolin, 1978. Based on the examination of adult and larval characters, five genera are recognized: Elathous Reitter, 1890; Gambrinus LeConte, 1853; Limonius Eschscholtz, 1829; Pheletes Kiesenwetter, 1858; and Tetralimonius new genus. Limoniscus Reitter, 1905 and Sichuanelater Platia and Gudenzi, 2006 are new synonymies of Gambrinus LeConte, 1853; Micrathous Lane, 1971, Neoathousius Schimmel and Platia, 1991 and Solskyana Dolin, 1978 are all new synonymies of Limonius. A total of 84 new combinations are proposed: Nearctic: Elathous huguenini (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Gambrinus angulatus (Motschulsky, 1859) new combination; Gambrinus bicolor (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Gambrinus clypeatus (Motschulsky, 1859) new combination; Gambrinus confusus (LeConte, 1853) new combination; Gambrinus cribriceps (Van Dyke, 1943) new combination; Gambrinus crotchii (Horn, 1872) new combination; Gambrinus flavomarginatus (Knull, 1938) new combination; Gambrinus fulvipilis (Candèze, 1860) new combination; Gambrinus griseus (Beauvois, 1805) new combination; Gambrinus humidus (Lane, 1941) new combination; Gambrinus interstitialis (Melsheimer, 1846) new combination; Gambrinus lanchesteri (Lane, 1941) new combination; Gambrinus meridianus (Knull, 1947) new combination; Gambrinus mirus (LeConte, 1853) new combination; Gambrinus norahae (Al Dhafer, 2009) new combination; Gambrinus olentangyi (Knull, 1947) new combination; Gambrinus plebejus (Say, 1825) new combination; Gambrinus propexus (Candèze, 1860) new combination; Gambrinus rudis (Brown, 1933) new combination; Gambrinus rufihumeralis (Lane, 1941) new combination; Gambrinus seminudus (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Gambrinus shircki (Lane, 1965) new combination; Gambrinus sinuifrons (Fall, 1907) new combination; Gambrinus snakensis (Lane, 1965) new combination; Gambrinus stigma (Herbst, 1806) new combination; Gambrinus pictus (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Gambrinus ulkei (Horn, 1871) new combination; Gambrinus ursinus (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Gambrinus venablesi (Wickham, 1913) new combination; Limonius brevis (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Limonius sordidus (Van Dyke, 1932) new combination; Pheletes lecontei (Lane, 1971) new combination; Tetralimonius definitus (Ziegler, 1845) new combination; Tetralimonius humeralis (Candèze, 1860) new combination; Tetralimonius maculicollis (Motschulsky, 1860) new combination; Tetralimonius nimbatus (Say, 1825) new combination; Tetralimonius ornatulus (LeConte, 1857) new combination. Palearctic: Gambrinus elegans (Buysson, 1891) new combination; Gambrinus gibbosus (Platia and Gudenzi, 2006) new combination. Gambrinus henanensis (Schimmel, 2006) new combination; Gambrinus hinakurai (Kishii, 1998) new combination; Gambrinus katoi (Kishii, 2002) new combination; Gambrinus kawaharai (Kishii, 2002) new combination; Gambrinus kucerai (Schimmel, 2006) new combination; Gambrinus nanshanensis (Arimoto and Hiramatsu, 2013) new combination; Gambrinus naomii (Kishii, 1997) new combination; Gambrinus shaanxiensis (Schimmel, 2006) new combination; Gambrinus suturalis (Gebler, 1844) new combination; Gambrinus takabai (Kishii, 1997) new combination; Gambrinus violaceus (Müller, 1821) new combination; Gambrinus wittmeri (Chassain, 1998) new combination; Gambrinus yamato (Kishii, 1998) new combination; Gambrinus yujii (Arimoto, 2013) new combination; Gambrinus zhejiangensis (Schimmel, 2015) new combination; Limonius brancuccii (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius decorus (Gurjeva, 1975) new combination; Limonius exiguus (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius hartmanni (Schimmel, 1998) new combination; Limonius hiermeieri (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius hirtus (Dolin, 1978) new combination; Limonius hubeiensis (Kishii and Jiang, 1996) new combination; Limonius kubani (Schimmel, 1996) new combination; Limonius loebli (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius longicornis (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius macedonicus (Cate and Platia, 1989) new combination; Limonius marginellus brusteli (Leseigneur, 2004) new combination; Limonius manaliensis (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius miandamensis (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius minusculus (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius nigronitidus (Han and Lee, 2012) new combination; Limonius platiai (Mertlik, 1996) new combination; Limonius pseudopilosus (Platia and Gudenzi 1985) new combination; Limonius recticornis (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius riesei (Platia, 1988) new combination; Limonius rusticus (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius schurmanni (Platia and Gudenzi, 1998) new combination; Limonius sinensis (Schimmel and Platia, 1994) new combination; Limonius singularis (Schimmeland Platia, 1991) new combination; Limonius stapfi (Schimmel, 2007) new combination; Limonius turcicus (Platia, 2004) new combination; Limonius wittmeri (Schimmel and Platia, 1991) new combination; Tetralimonius quercus (Olivier, 1790) new combination; Tetralimonius reitteri (Gurjeva, 1976) new combination. The following 12 North American species are removed from synonymy and recognized as valid species: Gambrinus interstitialis (Melsheimer, 1846) status resurrected; Gambrinus propexus (Candèze, 1860) status resurrected; Gambrinus shircki (Lane, 1965) status resurrected; Gambrinus snakensis (Lane, 1965) status resurrected; Gambrinus ulkei (Horn, 1871) status resurrected; Limonius anceps LeConte, 1853 status resurrected; Limonius dubitans LeConte, 1853 status resurrected; Limonius infuscatus Motschulsky, 1859 status resurrected; Limonius pilosulus Candèze, 1891 status resurrected; Limonis semianeus LeConte, 1853 status resurrected. Tetralimonius humeralis (Candèze, 1860) status resurrected; Tetralimonius maculicollis (Motschulsky, 1860) status resurrected. New replacement names are proposed for three homynyms: Limonius schimmeli Etzler new name for Neoathousius ferrugineus Schimmel and Platia, 1991; Elathous malatyanus Etzler new name for Elathous bicolor Platia, 2010, not Elathous bicolor (LeConte, 1853); and Microdesmes carteri Etzler new name for Limonius angulatus Carter, 1939 (= Microdesmes angulatus). Limonius kondratieffi Al Dhafer, 2009 is a new synonymy of Elathous bicolor (LeConte, 1853). A key to genera, generic descriptions, notes on species, and definitions of important characters are provided.



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