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Type: Article
Published: 2020-05-04
Page range: 301–333
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Caliroa slug sawflies of Japan (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)

Nishi 4 Kita 3 4–29, Bibai, Hokkaido 072–0033, Japan.
Wami 1355-13, Nakagawa, Tochigi, 324–0612 Japan.
Hymenoptera Symphyta distribution bionomics host plant


Japanese species of Caliroa (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) are the following 13 species, five of which are described as new: C. aizankei Hara, sp. nov. from Hokkaido, C. bibaiensis Hara, sp. nov. from Hokkaido, C. cerasi (Linné, 1758), C. ibukii Hara, sp. nov. from Honshu, C. matsumotonis (Harukawa, 1919), C. nara Hara, 2011, C. nire Hara, sp. nov. from Hokkaido, C. oishii (Takeuchi, 1933), C. ouensis Hara, sp. nov. from Honshu, C. staphyleae Oishi, 1961, C. vaccini Okutani, 1965, C. varipes (Klug, 1816) and C. zelkovae Oishi, 1961. The following two new synonymies are proposed: C. quercivora Togashi, 1999, syn. nov. with C. oishii; C. sumomovora Togashi & Oishi, 1978, syn. nov. with C. zelkovae. Lectotypes are designated for C. staphyleae Oishi, 1961 and C. zelkovae Oishi, 1961. Keys to adults and larvae are given. Caliroa staphyleae and C. zelkovae are newly recorded from Hokkaido. New host records are given for C. cerasi and C. zelkovae. Caliroa annulipes (Klug, 1816) is excluded from the fauna of Japan. An additional description of C. annulipes is given. The generic characters are also discussed.



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